Benefits of a Consultant Pharmacist

From educating patients and other healthcare providers on various medications, to disease state management protocols, consultant pharmacists are a key team member in all healthcare settings.
Infection Control Strategies
Infection control strategies are crucial to any healthcare environment. Healthcare associated infections can cause permanent harm.
The healthcare system is complicated. Depending on the condition of the patient they maybe too weak or incapacitated to articulate what they want or need due to their sickness or injury. Advocating provides a collaboration with medical providers, patients and families.
Medication is used correctly approximately 50 percent of the time. By pinpointing why patients aren't using their medications we can develop a custom strategy to assist the patient in taking their medication correctly at the right time to prevent health conditions from becoming worse while also reducing the risk of hospitalization and death.
Lab results provide a wealth of information on the status, progress, and changes in a patient's health. An in-depth understanding of the patients existing conditions can improve the process of diagnosis along with providing accurate recommendation of current treatments.
We assist in ensuring immunization clinics are successful by helping coordinate vaccine clinics for residents.
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